My #1 Tip for Repurposing Videos To Instagram for Photographers

We know that using video on social media is SO important because the algorithms value it higher than photos and text posts…and in turn, rank it higher in the system that determines how much of your content is shown, to whom, and when. Basically, its’ a really big deal.

Repurposing videos (both pre-filmed and live video footage) is essential to growing your platform on social media. Today we’re chating all about how to repurpose your video footage on Instagram.

We’ll talk about how to create 1 minute video clips (the maximum time allowed on Instagram) from existing video AND hwo to create teaser videos for longer videos that you want clients to see.

More than that, I’ll give you my #1 tip for creating these videos—how to make them look nice in your feed by using a still shot with gorgeous curated words on it to tell them what they will be watching at the start of your video for .01 seconds…just long enough that it’s the still they use to represent the video on you feed, but not long enough to interfere with the video while they are watching it.

All that and more inside this live mini training! Check it out and let me know what YOU will be doing to impliment this inside of YOUR business.

Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson


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