How To Use Custom Tea Blends to Market Your Photography Business

Standing out in the crowd of photographers is something a lot of us struggle with. Of course, our work and our personalities are what will make our clients choose us, but we need to make sure every single aspect of our businesses/brands stands out.

A trick I learned as an author is that people completely flip over custom teas/coffees/candles/etc and it’s a tiny touch that can elevate your standing and make you look super high end.

Creating a tea specific to your business is an awesome way to make an impact on your clients or potential clients. It’s also a fabulous way to get a little extra social media marketing from your clients.

Creating your own custom blend is as easy as using an online provider like or talking to a local cafe that does loose leaf tea.

You can create a custom lable or custom packaging and give your tea out when people come for a consultation, for their view and chose session, or even as a welcome package or thank you gift.

If you’re strategic about it, you can even set up a little area inside your studio that has a package of your tea, a cut tea cup, and maybe a succulent or two that your client won’t be able to resist taking a photo of for Instagram (where they can tag you!)

There are a ton of ideas in the live mini training video, so be sure to check it out on the entire process of creating your business’ custom tea blend—plus a few other ways to market it and leverage tea within your business— and let us know if you’re going to try this in YOUR brand!

Want those captions I used? Feel free to swipe these and tweak them for your own business:

How to Use Custom Tea To Market Your Business


She grinned the moment she saw the custom tea blend on the table and I knew I had found a kindred soul. Of course, I already knew that from her photo shoot when she rocked out her senior portraits in front of my lens, but that moment when she stepped into her viewing session moments before picking out one of m favorite was collections to date, I knew we were going to be friends long after she walked out of my studio this afternoon. In fact, we’re doing a tea tasting next week @localcoffeeshop (and you can join us on Saturday at 10 too) Christy and I obviously recommend the Studio Name Blend while you’re there, but we’re also taking recommendations—what’s your favorite tea blend?



There is nothing more incredible than honey bush and rosebuds in my tea, which is why when I was selecting a custom tea blend for Studio to give to my clients, I HAD to create this gorgeous custom blend from @blendbee It even has lemon peel, lemongrass, and raspberry leaf in it. Want to try some? Come hang out in the studio and let’s talk photos OR you can pop in and buy a pouch to take home!


Photo editing can be…long…which is why I never sit down to retouch a photo session without a cup of my favorite tea. Do you have any tea recommendations for me? Right now I’m drinking my Studio blend that I had custom created for Studio. Want to try some? I give it to all my clients, but you can also pop in to buy a pouch of it if you’re not planning your photo session until later this year!
Want to find out why captions phrased like this are so valuable? I break down each one of these inside the video to tell you why these are so effective.
PS I also break down how to makret this on SOCIAL MEDIA inside the video.
Are you ready to try your own custom tea? Let me know in the comments what your favorite tea blend is OR what you’d liekt o try inside your own blend!
Stay inspired,
-K.M. Robinson

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