How To Use Frames As A Photographer

Live broadcasting is so incredibly important to photographers trying to navigate the social media algorithms. When using live broadcasts, however, there are ways to make them more impactful. One way is by introducing frames into your workflow for live broadcasts.

Using frames is a great way to display info about upcoming events and mini sessions, display contact information, show before and after imagery, and more.

Frames are able to me toggled on and off during the broadcast and sit in front of the person on screen so it can’t be blocked.

On, your frames should be 1280x720px png. You can customize these to fit your branding and style. You can design a full frame that expands the extent of your screen on all four sides, create a column of information on one side, do a side corner, or create a running bar along the bottom of your screen.

Because I never want to leave you hanging and always want to make things as simple for you as possible, I have a little present. Here are four frames made specifically to use with that you can customize to fit your brand. Change the colors, add your words and logos, and make it your own. >>>GRAB THE FRAMES HERE<<<

Have questions about using frames? Hit me up in the comments below!

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