Should You Be Cross Posting Between Instagram and Facebook?

A photographer wrote in to ask about whether or not she should be crossposting between Instagram and Facebook to save time. The answer is not what you might think…


I know what you’re thinking…

“It saves time.”

“Why would they give us the button if we weren’t supposed to use it?”

I hear these questions all the time. But as a professional, you need to show your re active not he platform. If fans only see you posting on Facebook from Instagram, they will believe you re never on Facebook…and if YOU don’t care, why should they?

It only takes an extra two seconds to post on each unique platform and you’re engagement will be so much better! (Not to mention, if you only post through another app, you’ll start to look like a bot and you’ll get dinged in the system)

Check out the video for all the details on why you need to avoid crossposting from app to app. Go ahead, it’s only three minutes long and it will save you a lifetime of social media pain!

Ready to make the switch to posting by hand? Sound off in the comments!

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