Marketing Local Events to Market Your Business

Making yourself valuable to the people in your community is going to be one of the most important things you can do as a photographer. When people are aware that you’re active in your community, and go even further to give them information and awareness about your community, you’re going to become their go-to source for information.

When you leverage this to educate them and prepare them for a photoshoot with you…well, you’ll have some many interested potential-new-clients that you’ll be amazed!

So how do you make this happen?

The more opportunities you create to interact with potential clients, the greater the likelihood that they will eventually book with you, and it all circles back tot he things you do anyway-like getting involved in your local events. When you leverage them to help get your face and platforms in front of people, it’s going to build awareness for you.

It only takes a few extra minutes of your time but it makes a world of difference.

What local events do YOU have coming up that you could test this out on? Hit up the comments and let’s give each other ideas!

Stay inspired,



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