How To Handle The Instagram Shadowban

Have you seen a huge decline in your engagement on Instagram lately? Are you wondering if you’ve been hit by the Shadowban or are looking for a way to fix it because you know it happened to you?

Today we’re talking all about what the Shadowban is, how to avoid it, and what to do if it happens to you:

Have questions about the Shadowban? While the inner workings of this new(er) part of Instagram is a closely guarded secret, there are certain things we’ve learned. Check out the video, or THIS VIDEO I did for Reading Transforms when the Shadowban first happened, and then hit up my comments and we’ll see if we have the answers (please note, I don’t work for Instagram and I can’t fix things for you-I can only give you what my social media strategist friends and I have learned since we started working with it)

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