Looking For Help With Your Social Media Marketing, Photographers?

Looking for Social Media help, photographer? https://youtu.be/4TMyXFvvmls I’m K.M. Robinson, social media strategist at Reading Transforms and professional photographer. I’ve been working for years in social media strategy with entrepreneurs and, more specifically, authors. I’ve helped some amazing authors from brand new indie to seasoned bestsellers to grow their brands, engage their fans, and equip them to create a business they love. I was recently asked by some of my photographer friends to develop resources on social media marketing specifically for photographers…and here we are! Join me every week on Facebook.com/kmrobinsonphotography for live, interactive broadcasts where I answer your most pressing social media questions, along with weekly videos where I’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about your social media strategy. You can also join me at community.kmrobinsonphotography.com to access my closed Facebook group where I’m breaking down the social media algorithms and showing you how to educate your fans and build a relationship with them before they book a shoot with you! Have questions? Hit up the comments and I’ll work on creating some awesome resources! Stay inspired, -K.M.

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