How to Use Instagram Stories As A Photographer

Instagram Stories is a highly under used tool in the photography world, but one of the most advantageous because it gives clients (and potential new clients) a way to get to know you on a more personal, direct level.

It holds almost the same value as live broadcasting does, but doesn’t require you to actually be live.

Instagram Stories is a series of micro videos (short videos around 15 seconds) and photos pieced together to form a “story.” Usually this shows your day, behind the scenes of your photo shoot, a look at a sales consultation, tips for shoot wardrobe, a look at your retouching style, etc.

It gives viewers a way to learn more about you and your business in a real-time manner. Your Stories live on your IG page for 24 hours and then disappear, so they have to watch right here and now if they don’t want to miss it. This is especially helpful if you train them to be looking for certain content at certain times.


Check out the video for specific ideas on how photographers can be using IG Stories in their businesses.

Need more help on using IG Stories? Download our FREE click-for-click tutorial at AND get a list of ideas for using it in your business…oh yeah, AND a bonus checklist, AND a bonus swipe file where I show you word-for-word what to say in a specific type of Story that you can tweak and use over and over again!

How are YOU using IG Stories in your business? Have questions on IG Stories? Hit me up in the comments and let’s chat!

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