How to Create Instagram Captions That Engage AND Educate Your Fans (A Photographers Guide To Creating Effective Captions That Get Clients To Interact On Instagram)

Using Instagram is one of the most important things a photographer can do to stand out with their social media marketing, but many photographers are not using Instagram effectively. They key is to strategically post through Instagram using attention-getting images, engaging captions, and educational content that will reinforce a working relationship with clients and potential new clients.
So how do we go about making this happen?
Engaging Content Matters
When planning your caption for your image, you need to make it engaging enough that viewers will actually respond to it. Remember, with the social media algorithms, they show off posts that have higher engagement rates. This means the more favorites and comments you get, the more people IG will show your image/video to.
What can you do to get viewers to leave a comment?
The simple answer is to ask questions. People always love giving opinions or recommendations, so ask what they think!
You also have the ability to use these captions to help educate your fans by asking “which of these three answers is correct to this photo-shoot-related question” and then sending them to you Instagram Stories for the answer.
Remember, you get about 96 characters before Instagram truncates your post and viewers have to click on the little dots to read more-so the first sentence or two in your pot REALLY matters.
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How Do You Get Your Post Seen?
The easiest answer is to use hashtags. You’re allowed thirty hashtags per post, but you need to use them wisely. Location posts are THE most beneficial to photographers because you’re looking for local clients. After that, you can use different photography terms, or things that will get you seen by industry people/magazines/etc.
Want more in depth info on this? Check out the video where I break it all down!
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